APRIL 15, 2016

What’s New for Click Away 2016?

2015 feedback helped to shape an even more amazing Click Away for Seattle in 2016.

We had a BLAST at Click Away 2014 and Click Away 2015, and we couldn’t be more excited about seeing everyone (plus new friends!) in Seattle this October. At the conclusion of last year, those of you who attended the event were invited to share with us your feedback about what you loved, what you thought didn’t quite hit the mark, and changes to make future Click Aways better than ever. And, as always, we took your feedback to heart! So what’s new in 2016? Here are some of the highlights:

MORE SHOOTING FOR EVERYONE: Shooting, shooting, and more shooting! Our interactive boutique programs were a highlight of the event for many attendees, and in 2016 they will be 90 minutes long instead of 75 minutes and the group size will be limited to 25 rather than 30. Most of our boutique programs will feature shooting demos and group shoots led by our amazing lineup of instructors. Boutiques will take place outdoors and indoors, and many indoor programs will take place in beautiful home-like hotel suites with ample natural light, modern furniture, and sweeping visits of the Seattle landscape. An additional number of boutique programs will focus on timely, in-demand processing and business learning, tips and insight.

PHOTOGRAPHY TALKS: You loved the inspirational talks from powerful speakers such as Elizabeth Gilbert, Joy Prouty and Sue Bryce at previous Click Away events and learned loads from the prepared programs and on-stage demonstrations given by platform speakers. This year, the programs opposite the shooting experiences are much more consistently structured with those celebrated programs in mind, with 14 extraordinary speakers presenting incredible Photography Talks on stage to the Click Away audience.

PROGRAM ENCORES: Almost all programs will run multiple times so that you have an opportunity to see exactly who you want to see and learn exactly what you want to learn as you build your personal Click Away class schedule.

EDUCATION FOR EVERY SPECIALTY: Want to become a more skilled photographer? Want to grow your business acumen? Want to learn how to process images creatively and efficiently? Click Away offers a great breadth of educational topics for hobbyists and business owners alike. From lifestyle sessions with children and high school senior shoots outdoors to natural light couples posing and photo editing demonstrations indoors, Click Away has programming for every photographer, no matter your speciality or where you are on your own personal journey. Build a custom schedule that is perfect for you.

TIERED TICKET LEVELS: For those seeking to maximize their small group boutique learning experience, we now offer a Platinum ticket level permitting you to build a schedule with up to 5 boutiques. With all the wonderful boutique sessions offered in 2016 it will be difficult to choose your favorites!

BETTER SCHEDULING: We’ve built in some breathing room between classes so that you can grab a coffee, check out vendor goodies, sneak in a Facetime chat to home, or share notes with friends before heading off to your next program. And what about lunch? You need your energy, so there’s a two hour break in there to go enjoy some eats at Seattle’s Pike Place Market or at another of Seattle’s many dining options!

BREAKFAST BUFFETS: Speaking of food, how about if we provide some fuel to recharge you over the course of the conference? We’re bringing in a Welcome Coffee on Friday and two breakfast spreads on Saturday and Sunday morning — and as an attendee, that’s all included with your ticket!

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