Click Away programs can be viewed on the Click Away Scheduling Tool. The scheduling tool allows you to view the conference schedule in various ways. You can sort and view programs by speaker/instructor, type of program, day, and class location. The scheduling tool will enable you to build your own personal Click Away schedule. Some Click Away programs have an attendee limit so it is important to reserve your seat in individual sessions in advance.


Once you are registered with the scheduling tool, you can build your own personal schedule. This is done by viewing the Click Away schedule and adding programs to your schedule by clicking in the circle next to a program to select it, as indicated by the circle changing from white to black with a white check mark within it. When you select a program and add it to your personal schedule you have a confirmed reserved seat in that program. If you remove a program from your schedule, then you have released your confirmed reserved seat back into the system where it is available to another attendee to select. has a number of short guides to help attendees use the scheduling tool including guides for personalizing your event schedule and editing your profile.

Click Away offers multiple programs that you can choose from in each programming time slot and the scheduling tool prevents attendees from overbooking programs – adding more than one program running in the same time slot to a schedule. And each of the attendee Click Away ticket types – Silver, Gold and Platinum – has a specific type and quantity of programs included.

If you have any questions on using the scheduling tool and need assistance beyond the help guide, please contact us at