Project Description

Twyla Jones is a photographer and educator based in south Florida. She decided to pursue her passion for photography after documenting the lives of her own children and soon, after years spent working with her biology degree, she transitioned into work as a full time photographer. She is guided by emotive moments that really speak to her, creating images that resonate with others. She has spent the last three years traveling the world sharing her unique vision and editing style guiding others to create more fulfilling work inspired by themselves and the world around them.

Family Self Portraiture at Home: Creating Emotive Vignettes Around Your Home to Tell Your Story

June 25 at 12:15 EST / 9:15 PST

It can be easy to become so focused on client work and other tasks that we forget to pick up our camera and document our own lives. In this class, Twyla Jones invites you into her home as she creates emotive vignettes both inside and outside to capture the joys of raising three wild boys. You’ll learn how to style small sections of your home to keep you inspired to shoot more often, how to set yourself up to effortlessly jump into your own family shoots, and how to see and use light at any time of day to create emotive imagery. As a bonus, she’ll also discuss how she incorporates other types of photography gear – such as her iPhone, drone, and GoPro – to create eye catching images.