Project Description

Tonie Christine once interviewed 7 death row inmates (ask her about this one later). Did that catch your attention?! Well it's indeed a true story...but she is the photographer for the couple who does not just walk the aisle, they blaze their own trail and she is dedicated to running a business that allows her to do what she loves, live life the way she was created to and all the while craft an experience for her clients that they will never forget. Marketing is her jam but only second to her awesome two toddlers and strikingly handsome husband.

Purposeful Marketing: Are all your eggs in one basket

June 25 at 1:45 EST / 10:45 PST

Small business owners have numerous different marketing platforms available to them – but with the rapid expansion of social media, you may wonder where to invest your time and how to make the most of it. Tonie has the key to understanding how to diversify your marketing efforts based on your business needs – and she’ll walk you through it with an easy formula for creating an effective, manageable, purposeful marketing plan that’s right for you and your business.