Project Description

Taylor Brumfield is a Virginia-based photographer who specializes in fashion and beauty portraiture. She is also an avid educator who is invested in the advancement and growth of each and every student with whom she interacts. She started her portraiture journey after she joined a fashion magazine during her college years, where she immediately realized this was her true calling, and she has not looked back since!

A Guide to “Skin-Tography” : How to Achieve Glowing, Clean, Accurate Skin Tones

June 25 at 1:45 EST / 10:45 PST

Many of us struggle with how to achieve glowing and accurate skin tone in our photos. In this editing session, Taylor will break down her approach to skin in both shooting and editing. You’ll learn her approach to skin preparation and cosmetics, how she lights subjects both in studio and in natural light settings, and her commonly used camera settings. She will follow by guiding you through an editing session where she will discuss her approach to color grading and how she brings depth and richness to her subjects’ skin tones. Students will benefit most if they already have an understanding of shooting with natural or studio lighting and familiarity with basic Photoshop features such as adjustment layers and masks.