Project Description

Riley Blanks is a communication artist and activist who tells stories while "shifting shapes" through photography, performing and writing. She is the creator of Woke Beauty, a storytelling platform for all women that reimagines self-celebration through therapeutic photography, education and community building.

Finding Your Subject’s Inner Light and Painting It In a Portrait

June 25 at 2:15 EST / 11:15 PST

Providing women with a safe space to confidently express themselves on camera is crucial to creating an effortless portrait. This program isn’t about lipstick and Photoshop, but rather the intentionality and care it takes to aid your subject in relaxing and embracing the act of being photographed. Riley began this journey organically with her mom as photography became a form of communication. Join Riley as she illustrates how much of the work lies in your mentality and how you must convince yourself that the camera is not the supporting actress but rather an extra, a witness, a form of documentation. The magic doesn’t lie in the act of photographing but rather every single element that surrounds the session from the initial interaction to the ‘thank you, goodbye’. In this program, you will learn actionable steps to connect with your subjects and build a session that leads to a peaceful, transformative experience – and culminates in photographs that will make both you and your clients proud.