Project Description

Jera is a full time content creator and social media strategist. She has built her community to 170k+ on Instagram and 400k+ on TikTok. She coaches on the ins and outs of creating your own personal brand online, the secrets to building a loyal and engaged community, and all the steps that you need to take to use social media as a positive tool for your business.

TikTok: Getting Started + Leveraging It For Your Business

June 25 at 4:45 EST / 1:45 EST

TikTok is one of the fasting growing platforms of 2020, but you’re not alone if you aren’t quite sure why it matters for your business or how to use it. In this 45 minute round table, Jera Foster-Fell will take you beyond lip syncing and teenage dance trends to show how you can use TikTok strategically to increase your visibility and reach new clients. With more than 100K followers on Instagram and more than 425K followers on TikTok, Jera has built an incredible following across social media – so get ready to leave all social media intimidation at the door and dig in with her on the ins and outs of this popular social platform.