Project Description

Dana Leigh is an artist from Portland, Oregon that is inspired by emotion and beautiful light. She is a Clickin Moms mentor and photography educator. Specializing in portrait and fine art photography, her favorite subjects to photograph are her 5 children. In addition to photography, Dana enjoys homeschooling her kids and traveling the world looking for new subjects and backdrops to photograph.

Emotive Light

June 25 at 5:30 EST / 2:30 PST

As photographers, we are drawn to beautiful light. We are inspired to use light in creative ways, both to illuminate our subjects and to tell stories. “Stay home” with Dana Leigh and learn what she considers when seeking light that will evoke more emotion in your work. She will show you pockets of light around her home and how she uses the light to create fine art portraits. You will see her shooting in harsh light, low-light and a styled front yard golden hour shoot