Click Away Policies

Cancellation/Refund/Transfer Policy

Click Away tickets are non-transferable.

Prior to November 15, 2019:

Tickets are refundable, subject to a 25% cancellation fee. Alternatively, attendee may choose to transfer full ticket value to any future Click Away event within the next two years. No third party transfers.

November 16, 2019 – February 15, 2020:

Attendee may transfer full ticket value to any future Click Away event within the next two years. No third party transfers.

February 16, 2020 or Later:

No transfers or refunds.

This policy applies to all ticket types, including Pixel, Snap, Luster and Gloss.

Please contact regarding your cancellation and refund.

Program/Activity/Event Changes – Click & Company reserves the right to make Click Away policy, program/event and schedule changes, additions or cancellations for any reason. Instructors are confirmed when listed but may be subject to change.

Prohibition of Class “Crashing” and “Hopping”  – In order to preserve the integrity of the Click Away experience for all attendees, Attendee shall only attend the classes for which Attendee is formally registered through the official Click Away scheduling platform.  If you require assistance on site regarding your class schedule, please visit the info desk.

Photography and Video Recording – Still photography and video recordings (not to exceed 30 seconds) are permitted throughout the event unless explicitly prohibited by a presenter at the commencement of a formal program. Longer recordings (including consecutive clips that represent a significant portion of programming), streaming, or broadcasting of any type during any conference program is prohibited unless expressly consented to in writing by Click & Company. By appearing at or attending Click Away, Attendee agrees that Click & Company and its authorized representatives may conduct interviews and may take photographs and/or record video directly or indirectly of you at any time during the event. You authorize event management all rights necessary to record Attendee during the event and to use any or all portion of such photographs or video recordings at any time in the future for educational, informational, commercial or any other business and in any form and waive right or approval of the uses and any claim for compensation.

Privacy Policy – By registering for Click Away, Attendee warrants that Attendee agrees to and understands Click & Company’s privacy policy.

Prohibition of “Suitcasing” and “Outboarding” –Attendee agrees to abide by Click Away policies prohibiting “suitcasing” and “outboarding”.

Businesses and individuals who intend to target Click Away attendees in order to promote or sell a product, service, or the like shall support the event as an event sponsor at a level commensurate with the presence they seek to have. Hosting, participating in, or otherwise promoting unsanctioned, unofficial functions intended for the Click Away attendees but held outside of the normal planned calendar of events directly harms the quality of the event for paying sponsors and attendees, undermines the attendee community and experience, and adversely affects the sustainability and success of current and future Click Away events. Such unethical practices include “suitcasing” and “outboarding,” as follows:

“Suitcasing” occurs when vendors or other parties attend Click Away with a conference ticket and distribute, sell, or otherwise offer promotional materials, gifts, products, etc. outside of allowed Presenter/Presenter Sponsorship promotion and/or without securing approval for any such activity within the parameters of an official Click Away sponsorship.

“Outboarding” occurs when vendors or other parties set up shop or hold programming near the event (in a hotel room at the event, outside of the hotel), with the intention of drawing conference attendees away from scheduled events and programming. These practices harm attendee engagement and significantly detract from sponsors, presenters, and Click Away organizers. Any event, function, focus group, workshop, or other activity that, in the sole discretion of Click & Company, competes with Click Away, overlaps with Click Away offerings, or otherwise targets Click Away attendees for commercial gain beyond the scope of an approved sponsorship presence is considered outboarding and is expressly prohibited.

“Partial outboarding” is also prohibited. Partial outboarding occurs when sponsoring companies pay for a lower level of sponsorship and then hold or participate in unofficial, unsanctioned functions intended for the Click Away attendees but held outside of the normal planned calendar of events. Just like outboarding, these unsanctioned events unethically conflict and draw away from other Click Away sponsors and programming, undermine the sustainability of the conference, interfere with other sponsor engagement, and create confusion for attendees.

Guest Ticket, Assistant & Infant Accompaniment Policy Except as expressly authorized by Click Away event staff, Click Away event spaces and programming – including educational programs, sponsor popups, and social events – are open to registered attendees only. A paid ticket shall be required for any guest or companion over the age of 18 months accompanying Attendee at Click Away in full or in part.

Attendee accepts full responsibility for any accompanying minor, spouse, assistant, aide, and/or any other guest or companion attending Click Away in connection with Attendee’s participation & presence at Click Away.

Attendee agrees to release, indemnify, discharge and hold harmless and defend Click & Company on behalf of Attendee, accompanying minor, spouse, assistant or aide, and any other guest or companion attending Click Away in connection with Attendee from and against any and all liabilities, losses, claims, damages, costs, expenses, and attorney’s fees, which are in any way connected with Click Away, including but not limited to any such claims which allege negligent acts or omissions by Click & Company.

Attendee further agrees that Attendee, accompanying minor, spouse, assistant, aide, and any other guest or companion shall be bound by all of the rules, policies, and regulations of Click Away and the Click Away event venue(s) and that a violation of any such rules, policies, or regulations is grounds for revoking access and admission to the Click Away event and event programming without refund or compensation.

Compliance with Rules and Warnings –  In the course of observing or participating in Click Away programs, Attendee shall observe and obey all stated and customary rules, conditions, and warnings, including but not limited to any oral instructions or directions given by Click & Company, the program coordinator, the program presenter, program assistants, venue staff, or any employees, representatives, agents, or assigns of any of the foregoing parties. If Attendee observes any unusual or significant hazard, Attendee shall make reasonable efforts to avoid such hazard and bring such hazard to the attention of Click & Company or the nearest agent thereof.

Waiver of Rights – Attendee, on behalf of Attendee and any heir, assign, personal representative, or next of kin, waives the right to recover from Click & Company for any and all losses, personal injury, death, or damage that Attendee may sustain as a result of Attendee’s presence at or participation in The Programs, whether caused by the fault of Attendee, Click & Company, or any third party.

Indemnification –  Attendee agrees to be responsible for, indemnify and hold Click & Company harmless from any and all claims, losses, and/or occurrences which may arise from or in connection with Attendee’s presence at or participation in The Programs, including, but not limited to, losses, personal injury, death, damage, or rights of any third party. This indemnification of Click & Company by Attendee includes, but is not limited to, attorneys’ fees and any other expenses incurred by Click & Company in pursuing, defending, or processing any claim resulting from Attendee’s conduct or Attendee’s failure to act.

Minor Attendance and Alcohol Policy – A paid ticket shall be required for any guest or companion over the age of 18 months accompanying Attendee at Click Away in full or in part. Attendees under the age of 18 are eligible to attend the conference, but a parent/guardian will be required to sign a release and authorize attendance. To the extent that alcohol may be served as part of Click Away programming, Attendee will be required to provide proof of legal age. No attendees without proper evidence of legal age will be served alcohol (irrespective of ticket inclusions), but non-alcoholic beverages will be provided or available during any events at which alcohol is served.

ADA Compliance – The 2020 Click Away conference complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

Other questions? Please be sure to review the Click Away FAQs here