September 2020 Click Away at Home Instructor Proposal

  • Photographer Information

  • Applications will only be accepted from individual educators; Click Away will not be offering joint or co-led programs in 2020.

  • Teaching Experience

  • Sample may be formal (recorded speaking engagement) or informal (simple webcam video). Not sure what to say? Record yourself explaining two of your favorite photography tips to us!
  • Program Proposal

  • For example, "Attendees will learn HOW to..." or "Attendees will learn WHY..."
  • All programs will have a supporting hand-out to distribute to attendees as a PDF. These materials should reinforce or complement the prepared instruction and may include a summary sheet, workbook, worksheet, or similar.
  • Proposing a business class? Tell us about the experiences and achievements that make you an authority on this topic.
  • Instructors are given promotion opportunities. This is offered during your program to advertise product, course, preset, or similar (broadcast live with your program and distributed with recorded programs) and as part of our official “show specials” email. Please provide any details on what product/brand link or similar you would like to promote as part of your inclusion in Click Away at Home.
  • Click Away at Home will take place on the Crowdcast platform. Instructor is responsible for purchasing, shipping, obtaining, setting up, and otherwise coordinating any equipment Instructor may require or use to participate effectively via this platform, including but not limited to: personal computer, microphone, headphones, and high speed internet access.

  • Model Policy. Instructor is responsible for securing and coordinating any models as needed for his/her Click Away at Home Program(s). Out of concern for the health, safety, and well-being of the community, please ensure that you are following any applicable state or federal regulations regarding COVID-19 if you choose to utilize models outside of your immediate family.

  • Upon submitting, you will receive a confirmation email indicating that your proposal has been received.

    The Click Away proposal review team thoroughly reviews and carefully considers every single proposal it receives. The team is committed to working as efficiently as possible to provide feedback and finalize the September 2020 lineup in a timely manner. Please note there is a very limited number of instructor spots for this one day conference.

    Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any additional questions.