Megan Dill

Mentor, Clickin Moms
West Point, NY

Megan Dill is a hobbyist photographer based in the lower Hudson Valley of New York where she lives with her musician husband and two young sons. She enjoys playing with light and shadow to create evocative images, and gravitates towards moody black and white processing in her work. Megan has an interest in the therapeutic power of photography, particularly when it comes to self-portraits. She shoots with a 5D Mark III and several film cameras.

Speaking Schedule

Thursday, September 11th:

  • Ask Me Anything with Megan Dill, 11:30am
  • Angles, Lines, and Shapes with Megan Dill (SLC Capitol), 2:30pm

Friday, September 12th:

  • Moody Black and White Portraits with Megan Dill, 10:15am

Saturday, September 13th:

  • Therapeutic Photography with Megan Dill, 10:15am

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