Kristin Dokoza

Owner, Kristin Dokoza Photography

Kristin is a child and family photographer in Burlingame, Ca who loves to capture unique light and thoughtful images. She enjoys meeting new people. Likes to hang out, listen, and tell their story. It all starts with an idea, a wouldn’t it be cool if? kind of thought. This is what leads up to the moments she is lucky enough to capture behind the lens. One of her favorite places to spend time is the beach with her two boys and husband. Her style is clean, colorful and simple. Her images are filled with warmth and laughter. If her Mark III is not within reach, Kristin is creatively capturing light and telling stories with her iPhone.

Speaking Schedule

Thursday, September 11th:

  • Observe the Light with Kristin Dokoza (Memory Grove Park), 10:15am
  • Capture the Details, Intentionally (Photo Walk with Kristin Dokoza), 2:15pm

Friday, September 12th:

  • Image Critique Panel 4, 10:15am

Saturday, September 13th:

  • Using iPhoneography as Your Daily Creative Outlet with Kristin Dokoza, 10:15am

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