Bre Thurston

Bre Thurston Photography
Seattle, Washington

Bre Thurston is an award winning Seattle based wedding photographer specializing in joyful storytelling. Weddings are often fast paced and hectic but when the images are delivered Bre wants her clients to remember the sweet moments that may have otherwise been forgotten. She believes that everyone looks their best when they are laughing and having fun and has the unique ability to coax that out of each and every one of her clients while still maintaining the genuine nature of their personality. Bre is adjusting to the cool Seattle climate after havinglived in sunny California her entire life. She is married to a very right-brained software engineer and is the mom to a 5 year old boy and newborn baby girl.

Speaking Schedule

Thursday, September 11th:

  • The Art of Image Selection: Culling for Your Clients and Potential Clients with Bre Thurston, 10:15am
  • Love and Storytelling: Capturing Memorable Images of Couples and Weddings (Discussion Panel), 1:45pm

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