Click Away 2020 Instructor Promotional Material Submission

  • Photographer Information

  • Information for Public Display

    The information below will be included on the Click Away website and in any Click Away promotional materials.
  • Max 40 characters. Examples: Commercial Children’s Photographer, Business Strategist, or Branding & Lifestyle Photographer, etc.
  • Max 75 words.
  • Promotional Images/Headshot

    Please provide a link to a shared Dropbox folder where we can access your images for the Click Away website and other promotional materials. Please be sure your link/download folder is not set to expire and is the shared folder link. Google Drive links may also be submitted.
    1. High-Res Headshot: One high resolution square headshot of Instructor Size: High-Resolution, Square Crop File Name: Click-Away-Instructor-FIRST-LAST.jpg
    2. Web-Res Headshot: One web resolution square headshot of Instructor Size: 600 pixels by 600 pixels; no more than 200KB file size File Name: Click-Away-Instructor-FIRST-LAST-600px.jpg
    3. Promotional Photos: 6-12 photographs relevant to the Program topic(s). Size: 2000 pixels on the long side; no more than 400KB file size File Name: Click-Away-Program-by-Instructor-FIRST-LAST.jpg